Theme Settings and Child Theme Clarification

Hi, I am seeking clarification. I imagine that the theme settings section where the header, footer, code etc are is not overwritten in a theme update. Thus, any custom css entered there is safe from being wiped. Is this correct?

Assuming the above is correct, there is no need for a child theme unless there is a need to alter the core code of the theme? In this instance a child theme is required?



Hi John,

These days, it’s generally deemed good practice to use a child theme whenever possible. This way, when the main theme is updated, any style changes you have made to the child theme will not be affected. If you make changes to the main theme, they will be over written on each theme update.

So, as long as you are making changes in the child theme, all your settings are safe from being overwritten during a theme update.

Using the child theme is strongly recommended. There is little to be gained from not using it.

I hope that helps.


Ok Colin. Understood. This is my usual practice. I tend to use a plugin like “one click child theme”, but I was and am unsure (I am new to this theme) how the theme settings translate to a child theme in this instance. I could use the supplied child theme but I do like personalising a theme with the name of the particular client.

Thanks for your help Colin.


You’re very welcome John.

There might possibly be some safeguards in place to prevent theme settings being overwritten during a theme update, so I will let the Beaver Builder team clarify that one for you.

As for personalising the theme with the name of the client, I do the same with the child theme, but I’ve also created an additional screenshot image for the Main Theme that displays my logo. That helps prevent confusion if the client happens to wander into the Themes section because they recognize my logo and just think that its meant to be there.


Yes the additional screenshot is a very good idea.



Hi John,

Colin is correct in that it is best practice to use a child theme for theme customization, but the code tab in your theme settings panel is safe from being wiped upon updating. If I am doing some minor customization in a site (few tweaks here and there), I typically use the code tab as opposed to a child theme, but deeper customization, I typically use a child theme.


Thanks Billy that clarifies it.

Hi there,

When switching to the child-theme the settings are unfortunately wiped out. If you try import the settings it won’t allow it if they were created using the bb-theme and not the child-theme.

Is there any quick fix for this?

Many thanks,


Hey Grant,

I was just able to do this on my local dev, exported the Customizer settings from my BB parent theme, activated my BB child theme, imported the settings, and everything is fine. Are you getting an error message when you export the data?