Themeforest Theme Creation

Hi out there,

we fall in love with a great theme of krownthemes and want to build something like this for our small agency. So now we have to decide to buy this theme or to buy the beaverbuilder theme and build something similar. What do you think? Is this possible with bb theme?

Thanks for your answers, Chris

Hi Christian,

It is possible for you to use the BB theme to make a site similar to this but you will have to do a lot of modifications. Honestly, I think that the BB theme might not be the best theme for this type of layout. Sorry if that’s not the answer you’re looking for.


Hi Jun, thanks for sharing your opinion. I hoped that it is possible to use the bb theme, but already suspected, that it will be difficult. So your answer is what I wanted: a clear and open evaluation of my idea. So thanks a lot, this is, what helps.
Have a nice day!