Themer Field Connections and wpautop


It seems that when I call data using a Themer field connection, wpautop injects a

tag around the content. I want the RAW data as a string so I can wrap it with my own markup!

Examples of field connections I’m using:

[wpbb post:excerpt]

[wpbb post:pods_display field=‘tf_success_desc’]

The data is returned, but it is wrapped with a

tag. Any idea how to stop this behavior? It would be nice if Themer had an option to disable this.



while i cant speak for the pods shortcode, the wp excerpt function wraps the excerpt in a P tag, so you could write your own shortcode to strip that… like so:

add_shortcode( 'no_p_excerpt', function() {
	$excerpt = do_shortcode( '[wpbb post:excerpt]' );
	$excerpt = preg_replace( '#(^<p>)#', '', $excerpt ); // starting P
	$excerpt = preg_replace( '#(<p>$)#', '', $excerpt ); // closing P
	return $excerpt;
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Thank you for the quick reply and solution! It would be great if Themer had the option to disable the addition of HTML markup - maybe or a field connection parameter that could be added to disable the HTML, and just deliver the data raw. This would be quite helpful for the WooCommerce field connections as well.