Themer Header Not Conforming to Boxed Layout

My Themer Header isn’t conforming to my boxed layout.

The header area displays as expected when viewing the URL for just the themer layout. When I view a site URL (homepage) the header area appears to overlap or override the layout in the header area.

Specifically, the drop shadow area of the boxed layout (settings from the Beaver Theme customizer).

See attached screenshots.

Wordpress 5.3.2
Beaver Theme 1.7.5
Beaver Builder Pro
Beaver Themer 1.2.5

View dev site here:

try this css

.fl-builder-content[data-type="header"].fl-theme-builder-header-sticky {
    max-width: 1100px;
    margin: 0 auto;

Thanks but it looks like an issue with how the theme is built. The actual page container is separate and below the header element. I fixed it by making the header overlay and adding a top padding to push the content down.