Themer layout content is not visible while editing in builder

I am working on a project done by some other developer, who is not available right now. So am pretty confused about how this is working.

The homepage has an extra banner above menu which is not visible in other pages, which is working perfectly right now, what am trying to do is edit the content of this banner.

I found that this banner is a part of a header themer layout, I can see the related images (media gallery) attached to this particular layout, even I found all the codes in revisions available in WordPress. (no option to edit)

But when i try to edit the header themer layout using Bever editor, no such content available in that.

How can i view that content and edit it.

Is the banner in a Themer Header layout or in a Themer Part layout?
When you’re on the frontend page displaying this banner, what is listed in the WP admin bar > Beaver Builder dropdown (see attached )?


Banner is in the Themer header layout, but not visible in editor.

Drop down in homepage have Home, Header & Footer option available.
and this header has the home page banner which is hidden while editing, but visible in homepage.

after clearing cache in settings, the whole header themer is blank in editor!!

Ok, maybe some bad code in an editable module in your header.
You can try to open the header layout in safe mode by adding ?safemode at the end of the URL, see here: