Themer Module is Losing it's Styling on all my Pages

I have a a few modules that keep losing their style randomly. This may happen several times a day. The main one which keep losing its style is the UABB photo gallery module. I am using ACF and adding images to my gallery on the edit page and works fine when i save. Out of the blue it will be broken and an unstyled list down the page. If i go to the themer layout and resave it, it will look fine when i load the pages. I have tried to empty the cache , i have also turned off my cache and still is broken. I have also turned off my cache (for days) and it still will break I have also experienced with the maps module as well, not as often, but it has happened.

The themer layout is not assigned to the pages. I use a template in my child theme with php to display the themer layout and each page has that child template assigned within the page.

I am also trying to find a solution to stop using the child template and the themer layout in this way. I have tested the loading and there seams to be slower loading. When i use a themer layout assigned to a page it is much faster loading. The issue is , i can’t seem to figure out a method to assign one themer layout to all my parent pages and one themer template to all my children pages. I have 1600 pages, so creating categories would be a touch way to go for me and would require 100 themer layouts as well. Any idea how i can achieve this.

Thanks Johnny

Ok i managed to get it show correctly after flushing my cache on my hosting this time. Can anyone explain what may be going on and i can fix the issue?

Hi, it sounds like a caching issue on your hosting then?
In your first post, when you talk of clearing or disabling the cache, which one is it?

  • Browser’s cache
  • BB cache
  • 3rd party optimization plugin
  • Hosting cache

Many caching system possibly interfering :wink:

Have a look in BB knowledge base: