There is abug on bb themer and the blog archive

On the blog archive, I will have hero shot of the latest post with the featured image in the background. The image is incorrrect, it shows the wrong image. This happens on the latest version. I first noticed this issue after updating the themer. I had to roll back to Version: for it to show correctly. The issue still persists after the latest version. Is there a fix?

Sorry for the late reply. We had initially thought this was a new issue so we set it to be looked it in Themer version 1.3.2. Now that I see it worked previously and now doesn’t, I pushed up the priority a bit and we will be looking into it sooner than that.

FYI: 1.3 is currently at the beta 2 stage.

Thank you for the reply

@Jamie This may be helpful as well

I don’t know if it specific with themer… but I added my code workaround, maybe that will help you see what the issue is