Toggle button for showing and hiding a row -- update from 2019?

Hello all –

I’m interested in showing/hiding a row when someone clicks a button. I came across this post from 2019 (link below) that sounds like it’s exactly what I need, but I can’t paste “JavaScript: void(0);” into the Link field of the button module without getting the following error:

“Something you entered has triggered a 403 error. This is nearly always due to mod_security settings from your hosting provider. See this Knowledge Base article for more info.”

Do I have to change the mod_security settings somehow or am I supposed to go in a different direction to achieve my goal? Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s the 2019 link I mentioned:

The link in the popup explains how to get around that issue.

Thank you! It works now. I guess I thought it’d be a lot more complicated than that… :man_facepalming:

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I tried testing the steps in that link out but can’t get it work properly. Regarding the very first post, if I paste the CSS & Javascript codes to their respective fields & publish my page, it doesn’t load – I just get a blank, white screen.

I tried pasting what Chris Johnston posted in his Feb. 2022 post in the Javascript field, but instead of making the row disappear, it brings me up to the very top of my page when I click the button.

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