Top bar and footer margins go to 0 at wider browser lengths

I think I’m seeing buggy behavior in the top bar and footer margins of the BB theme with a full-width layout. I use a two-column top bar and footer, and as I widen the browser window, the left and right margins disappear or even cut off some of the text. As I narrow the window, the layout resizes and the margins appear again. I’m seeing this behavior in both Safari and FF on a Mac on every site I’m working on. Here are a couple examples:
Another odd thing with both sites is that I can move the whole layout to the left, leaving a vertical white band on the right. (It’s more apparent in the ribbonsandmore site because of the bright colors.) However, moving the layout to the left does not solve the problem of the top bar and footer text being cut off.

At first it was suggested this was a caching problem, but the behavior is quite consistent over time. Note also this behavior does not occur with a box layout, such as this one:

I’m using the BB theme v. 1.5 and the child theme, the agency version of BB Page Builder 1.7.6, and very few other plugins. I’ll attach screenshots (if I can) and give you a login in a followup post.

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Hi Nancy,

I am not able to recreate this on either my test site. Therefore, can you tell me what settings you have changed such as width or have you added any custom CSS?

Once we have this information, we should be able to isolate the cause.


Hi Danny,
Customize > General > Layout > Width=Full Width Content Width=1195. No custom coding (JavaScript nor CSS).
I found that if I decrease the Content Width value to 1100, the problem goes away. If I increase it to a number higher than 1195, the problem gets worse.
And AHA, now I’ve found the documentation that recommends setting content width to a maximum of 1100.

Sorry! It would be REALLY helpful if there was a little embedded help in the UI under the Content Width field saying the default 1100.
But anyway, you can mark this Resolved, thanks!

Hi Nancy,

No problem and thank you for the feedback. I’ll be sure to pass this onto our developers.