Top Bar Line Color

Hi All,

This is my first post although I have benefited from the wisdom displayed here in recent days. I am new to Beaver Builder Pro and I’ve learned much from the various resources available but one thing I haven’t found is how to adjust the color of the thin line at the bottom of the Top Bar. I’m certain all it will take is a snippet of CSS code. If I were working on a personal site and had a lot of time I’d figure it out but this effort is for my company and I’m on the clock. I’ve done a few things so far that resulted in a hole that took time to climb out of but I’m good now and it’s time to fine tune.

For those who created Beaver Builder and those who support it, thanks. Compared to tedious, laborious and often mind numbing way of doing things in the early days of web content creation, combined with WordPress it’s light years ahead. And being a right brained sort of person I’d rather concentrate on design than code. Beaver Builder allows me to do this.



Hi Maldo,

You can remove the border on the top bar using the CSS below.

.fl-page-bar {
    border: 0;

You can change the color using this CSS, simply change the color value to whatever you like.

.fl-page-bar {
    border: 1px solid red;

Thanks Danny! That did the trick!