Top bar menu layout

Hi guys,

awesome theme and plugin!

I have some questions about the top bar layout/styling (2 columns topbar)

  1. how can I add a Font Awesome icon in the text area of the top bar? I want to show a telephone number with the phone icon of FA.

  2. I added a top bar menu to the right area, but when there are 4 items, the 4th item is moved on another line, so the topbar is kind of messed up :wink: How can I get the 4th menu item on the same line?

Please see

Thanks! Have a nice day!

Hey Christof,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

  1. You can simply add the FA markup <i class="fa fa-mobile"></i> in the content box. You can check FA Site for more info.
  2. Each of the columns on the top bar is given a width of 50%. But we can change it using custom CSS. Try adding the snippet below to the CSS Code section under Appearance > Customize > Code. ``` @media (min-width: 768px) { .fl-page-bar .text-right { width: 80%; } .fl-page-bar .text-left { width: 20%; } } ```

Hope this helps and let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile: