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Hi I just purchased BB PRO after researching, deciding on BB, SiteOrigin, Weebly, WIX. I have a few sites I keep up for friends(special needs child, outdoor club, etc) so cost is an issue, but so is ease of use. I’m a total rookie. I love the BeaverBuilder home page, Apple home page or this one where the social Icons-Logo-Menu-shopping cart are at the top (stays there as you scroll) a large image with call to action. Trying to use BB Theme and can’t seem to navigate to this set up…Will the child theme along with the BB theme help? Why? Thanks. Hoping to be a happy BB user…

Hey Brian,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

On the latest version of our theme, we already offer a fixed header layout. You should be able to achieve a similar layout using that. Re the social media icons, you can add them as a menu item as well, but use the FontAwesome <i> tag so it displays the icon.

Not really sure about the shopping cart though, I can’t see one on the site?


Thanks Ben. Maybe I should try WIX and Beaver Builder is beyond me…
I loaded BB + Child Theme, trying to customize and cannot find anywhere “fixed header” under General or Header areas.

FontAwesome “<i>” tag? Is there a tutorial somewhere? I’d love to learn, but finding training/tutorials on BB is light.

These site do not have shopping carts yet, but would like to put shopping cart in top bar layout (two columns, one with social icons, other with shopping cart)

Would like this site: with shopping cart



Hi Brian,

  1. To locate the Fixed Header option. Load the WordPress Customizer and navigate to Header > Header > Layout. You should see an option called Fixed Header which has four options you can choose from Disabled, Fade-In, Shrink and Fixed.


  1. To use Font Awesome, you will need to read their documentation on how to use their code and see all available icons.

Then you will want to set-up a WordPress menu and use the Font Awesome code in the Custom Links menu item option. For example, to display the Facebook icon. You will do the following.


  1. Unfortunately, I am not seeing any cart on the site you linked above. However, if you wish to add a cart that dynamically displays the contents of the cart. You will likely need to use custom code or a widget that should be provided by your E-Commerce plugin.