Translation issue with loco translate plugin

Hi guys,

Maybe you can help me understand this problem:

After last bb plugin update, I lost my translation (probably because I did not saved po/mo files in WP language directoy.)
Now I can’t translate the PO file with Loco translate anymore, I have the error message “PO file has no header” and “files are missing”.

I tried to re-upload the language directory but it does not work.

Can you help me :slight_smile: ?

Hey Nicolas,

Sorry to hear about that! What language are you translating the plugin to by the way? Perhaps we can add that to the plugin instead so you don’t have to?

Also, what do you mean by re-upload the language directory? Did you have a copy of your translation files?

Not really sure about Loco Translate but we’ve been using PoEdit to do the translations. Have you tried that? :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

I need to modify the french translation, I gave up on Loco translate, but I have an encoding issue with PoEdit when I open the fr_FR.po file.
I have this kind of stuff:

Un module nommé %s.php existe déjà !

I search for an answer on the web but had no luck… Do you know how I can fix this ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hey Nicolas,

Is there something wrong/missing with our current French translation? Or are you trying to replace some words to suit your specific needs?

I tried opening up the fr_FR.po file on the BB plugin 1.7.6 using PoEdit but I’m not getting any errors? Can you share a screenshot? Also, do you mind translating what it says? I did try Google Translating it but it didn’t make sense. :slight_smile:


Nothing is missing with the current translation but I’d like to make changes.

I opened the fr_FR.po from the bb agency archive (1.7.6) and opened it with PoEdit 1.8.7
Translation has special caracters like “éjÔ

PoEdit encoding issue

Is it an utf8 BOM issue or something ?

Hey Nicolas,

Just letting you know we’re checking on this. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:


Hey Nicolas,

I’ve already filed a bug report so our lead dev can check. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile: