Transparent Button Style Gone Missing?

This is peculiar. In one site I have a button option for transparent. In this website it’s gone missing. See attached. The Site is There are 2 buttons there. 1 from the Call to Action, 1 from button. Neither will go transparent.

Can someone instruct me on how to attach an image? thanks.

Hey Ramona,

I don’t think we ever had the option to make a button into transparent directly from the module. Perhaps that was done through CSS? Which other sites have you been able to implement this? We’re curious as to how it was done.


Hi Jun,
This is what I’m seeing on one site ( -–_Subtle_Energy_for_Soul_Evolution.png

This is what I see on another ( -–AuthorMentor•_Speaker.png

Not sure why those dots are showing in the url, but it seems to work. Thanks.

Hi Ramona,

You need to set the background color option first. Then the “Style” options will be available.


The same goes for the Call to Action module.


Thanks Danny. I didn’t even notice that.

No problem, Ramona.