Transparent Buttons Module

When using the transparent buttons module on my homepage, the buttons I’ve created previously work correctly with color fill in on hover but the buttons on the right don’t fill in when hovered on. These were made more recently. When copying the original buttons, they allow a blue color fill in but when moving to the new column location the fill in no longer appears. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Samuel.

Thanks for getting in touch! Without backend access, it’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on but I would assume on the new buttons you’ve set up a hover background color? Try removing that first and see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t we may need temp admin access to the site so we can check further.


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Hey Sam,

I just went in to the site and removed the background hover color for both buttons on the right side. They’re now behaving exactly the same.


Right, but the hover color is blue, not green. Green should be the default color but isn’t for this column for some reason. If you hover over the left column the hover color is green as it should be but for whatever reason, when it’s created or moved to the right column the default hover color turns blue.

Hey Samuel,

I’m seeing a default color of blue on either columns and I don’t really think there is a way to change that easily since that is controlled by the preset you are using. This is what I see from my end.

If you want to change the hover colors to green, you can try these steps:

  1. Add a class to the button modules. This can be done under the Advanced tab. You can place the same classes on all 4.
  2. Add this CSS snippet. You can add this under Theme Customizer > Code > CSS Code. Change classname to whatever class you placed in the first step
  3. ``` .fl-builder-content .classname a.fl-button:hover { background: #8be041; border: 2px solid #7fd435; } ```

Hope this helps!


It was the hover button preset. thank you!

Hey Samuel,

Never knew changing the accent color works as well! Thanks for that! :slight_smile: Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile: