Transparent logo & navigation on top of video bg


I have scoured the forums and haven’t exactly found what I’m looking for yet, hoping someone can help.

My site at has a row with a video bg. Right now there is a white bar above it that features a logo (left) and the navigation (right). I’d like that bar to be transparent and change the logo color to full white and the nav text to full white. I can’t seem to pull this off, need someone with more knowledge than me.

I want to make it look sort of like the navigation at

I know how to do the transparency and place the logo, etc, just not sure how get the row to stack underneath the nav as opposed to being pushed down the page.


Hi Nick,

Once you have set your header to be transparent, you will need to use custom CSS to push the content below the header up. For example:

.site-inner {
  margin-top: -80px;

You may need to play with the -80px value to get your desired layout. In regards to the white logo, you can do this by editing your logo image in an application such as GIMP or Photoshop.

If you encounter any issues, you may want to contact your theme provider for further assistance.