Transparent menu bar on certain pages...

Firstly, loving BB, and BB Theme.

Kinda feel like there should be a customisation subsection of the forum as this isn’t a support request as such but I think it will be useful for some…

I’d like to, on the same site, with the BB Theme, achieve this effect:

Check out the menu bar on this page:


The one on this page:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work out how to achieve this result using BB & BBT and potentially, if needed, CSShero.

I see this as a trend in Web Design at the moment…one I like for impact.

Thanks and good luck.

P.S. I think if there was a blank page template, this could be recreated by manually creating the header with BB.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the kind words! Yep, this would definitely require some custom CSS. :slight_smile:

One of our original customers has done this if you want to take a look at his site - Match Branding.

CSS Hero is a great bet as well and there are several forum threads that may help with the elements you’ll need to accomplish this if interested.


Thanks Billy, that site is cool I’ll dig around the CSS.

Hi Billy & Chris,

Was the CSS required to achieve this effect ever determined? I agree, having the main header image extended to the top of the page as a background to the main menu bar is growing trend as in the example provided by Chris and many others.

I’m sure that either the CSS to achieve the effect or an option within the page templates would be hugely popualr amongst BB fans both current and prospective!


I never figured it out in the end, however now that there is a ‘blank’ page template you can build this style layout if you manually recreated the header within the page builder itself.

Would be good to have a stock CSS or setting for this option - on a per page basis though as it’s certainly a design trend at the moment.

Thanks Chris, I’ve had a search on the forum as I was almost sure that there would be other enquiries on this topic. I’ll give the ‘blank’ page a try, thanks for the tip. It would great to hear from others or the BB team with thoughts on this.