Troubleshooting Beaver Builder + Shortcodes Ultimate

Tonight I ran into the same issue that other forum goers have experienced as well:

I’m trying to use Shortcodes Ultimate within the Text Editor popup for Beaver Builder. The button is there – for a menu that’s quite important due to the number of options – but clicking it does nothing.


There is nothing of interest in the js console. This issue replicates with the free version of SU and the free version of BB in a clean dev environment. (Though I own a premium BB license and it was originally observed in the pro.)

Several other people have reported this but it was not resolved:

Rich Brooks stepped in tonight and assisted with some in depth troubleshooting and what we found was that in the WP backend, SU is able to load correctly. However, when front end loaded while running BB, several of the scripts are never called or loaded.

We were able to match this up to a very similar report - and fix - of another front end theme here:

There is code changes from the creator of the editor as well as what appears to be a highly important code block provided by the author of Shortcodes Ultimate.

I need this plugin combination to work and am hoping that the above enables you to make more rapid progress on it.

~ Kim ~

In addition to the button itself not working the hotkey option to open the display menu ALSO does not work. This option is found within the SU settings pages:


Hi I’d really love for this issue to be fixed as well.
It seems like there are a lot of Beaver Builder and Shortcode Ultimate users and while I can understand BB inability to support every random plugin, I think SU has a big enough user base that it’s worth looking into.