Trying to insert a shortcode or module into the Number Counter

We are wanting to use the Number Counter Module on our page and when we try to insert shortcode the number counter just shows 100. We’ve tried both inserting the shortcode using all 3 options: Post Custom Field, User Meta, Author Meta and we’ve tried both inserting in the field a saved Module shortcode ([fl_builder_insert_layout id=1180] and we’ve tried inserting the shortcode directly ([accessally_field_value operation_id=“2”]) and nothing seems to work.

We know these shortcodes are good because they display correctly as an html or text module but not when we try to use the Number Counter. Is there anyway to make this happen?

what exactly does [accessally_field_value operation_id=“2”] output when you put it in a html module?

This shortcode connects to our CRM (ontraport) and displays the Evolve Points field value that is stored there. This shortcode successfully displays this field value when it’s just placed on a page in either the text editor or the html module.

but what exacly does it output, the counter expects an actual number.

It outputs a number. In my case I have 5 points so it outputs 5

do you have a url with the shortcode in a html module so i can see?

Yes but it’s behind a login so that those shortcodes work as you need to be logged in as a user to access the course and to store your data in those fields. I can set you up as a user if you’d like to send me your email. Here is the url:

You can email me at jennifer (at) jennifersrussell (dot) com to give me an email to use.

I sent you a DM, its easier.

I DMed you a username and password. Let me know if you’d like ADMIN role.

I made you an admin so if you go to you’ll be able to login and see the page. I also went ahead and gave you access to the course and sync’ed your contact with our CRM in Ontraport.

Let me know if it’s all working now. You should be synced to our database and have admin privileges.

I see the page now, I dont see a number counter or the html module with the shortcode in it though?

Its in the sticky row underneath THE EVOLVE EXPERIENCE section on the right. It’s using the beaver builder Number Counter element. It looks like a circle.

ok, and the html module with just the shortcode?

This is the saved module. I tried to insert the shortcode using their modules instead but it didn’t work:
[fl_builder_insert_layout id=1180]

(Note: the font color is white so you can’t see the number unless you change the color given the background but if you do you’ll see a number there).

Given you are a new user and haven’t completed anything your point score would be zero but if you click on any of the mark complete buttons on that page OR fill out the course agreements or post in the reflection questions your points will increase and therefore this number counter should show an updated point score when you refresh the page.

You cant use a saved module shortcode as another module setting.

You said earlier you were using [accessally_field_value operation_id=“2”] as the number value, but its always 100 rigtht? So… add the same shortcode to a html module so I can see exactly what it outputs.

Yes I’ve tried both and they both don’t work in the Number Counter but we need the number counter to pull the number from that particular loggged in user’s record. Accessally is connected to our CRM so it’s accurately pulling that number on the page as you can see in the side bar where it says POINTS and uses that same shortcode down lower on the page [accessally_field_value operation_id=“2”]

Again the shortcode works to display the number but the number counter doesn’t seem to like to use our shortcode and we don’t know why.

I just need to see the output of the shortcode, by itself… in a html module, i cant do it myself as you are editing the page, can you please just add it as a html module and tell me where it is