Trying to login on Dashboard wpBeaverbuilder (Wordpress)

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I just bought a Beaver builder account (standard) and i’m trying to go to the Wordpress Dashboard to install the Beaver Builder plugin. But i can’t get the button Add-new when i click on the left menu “Plugins”.
Is it because i’m still connected on the Dashboard as “Demo User”?
I tried to logout and then to login with my Beaver builder login/passw but with no luck.

In the Users - edit profile i entered my e-mail adress (order made for Beaver builder) and it’s mentioning that a mail for confirmation has been sent … but i recieve nothing (and e-mail is correctly entered).

How can i get access to the Dashboard of Wordpress with my account of beaver builder so that i can install BB plugin and enter BB license?

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Hi Nathalie,

I believe I replied to a support ticket you sent. Your problem is you’re trying to use our demo service for your website.

We do not provide a hosting service and our demo service is only for demonstration purposes only. Therefore, you will need to purchase a domain name, a hosting plan/package and install WordPress. Once WordPress is up and running, you can install Beaver Builder on your site where you will be able to enter your license key. :slight_smile:

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your feedback.

In the meantime it’s working, our construction page is active on our domain and hosting.

But is there a way that the Title page doesn’t show above the page in our mainpage? (

So when we enter our mainpage, the name of the page “Under Construction” is showing above the picture with the text.


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That is the page title which is handled by your theme. You can try hiding it by launching Beaver Builder on your page then go to the Tools menu > Global Settings and add the classname page-header to the Default Page Heading > CSS Selector option.

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