Trying to stop an element adjusting for mobile.

Hi guys

Probably something simple but I have been stumped on this for a while now.

I am making a website for my friends Barber Shop, just a simple site but we really would like the top part to not re-size on mobile devices and keep it as it is no matter the device we look at it on.

The website is as you can see at the top it has the layout he would like but he would like to keep that across all devices, the rest of the site and text that re-sizes for other devices is fine and works well.

Thanks for any help

Hey Watkinsnmc,

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You can actually duplicate that row, make the first one viewable on Large devices only under the Row Settings > Responsive Layout. On the second row, you can set it so it shows on mobile devices only, then do the layout you want to have specifically for mobile devices.

This isn’t what you asked for but if we were to disable the responsive behavior on that row, it wouldn’t look too good, i.e., the texts and logo would be next to each other with no spacing. If you do the method above, you can redesign what appears on mobile view.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ben

Thanks for the reply, I actually tried this already I can get the logo backgrouns to stay as it is on mobile by duplicating the row (the actually logo with black and cream stripes are as a whole used as the background in that column) But when I try to get the menu script which are photo modules with photoshop made script placed in them to stay the same it doesn’t work.


Hey Watkinsnmc,

I just visited the site again and can see that you’re almost there. What seems to be the problem with the images that you’re using as links? I can’t see them on the markup. Try putting them on the row which is visible for mobile devices and that should be it.


Managed to get it by adjusting the individual columns and padding for phone and tablet sizes and also the actual images used for the menu buttons.

Thanks for the help Ben

Glad you figured it out! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: