Turning Shortcodes into Custom Builder Modules

I’d like to be able to use shortcodes, including those from Visual Composer, with Builder. However, when I place them inside a text object the effect is real ugly, a bunch of shortcode text appears on the screen temporarily, and also, I have to parse through the shortcode and find the variables I want to change.

What I’d prefer is that the ugly text doesn’t appear when my clients modify the shortcode, and to have an interface to change a few of the variables within the shortcode.

My question is can I do this with a custom module - basically repackage a shortcode such that the ugly text doesn’t appear temporarily on the screen and that provides an interface for several of the shortcode variables to be changed.

Hi Steve. You should be able to do this with a custom module. You’ll probably want to download and reference the custom module documentation. The Live Preview Reference section explains the options available for live preview. The text module uses the text preview setting, so any text you modify will be updated in real time. If you change that setting to None the text shouldn’t update you hit save. That should prevent any of the short code text from showing up before the short code is rendered.

If you end up implementing this solution, please let us know if it works for you!

Happy holidays!