Twitter Icons + Footer Widget title sizes + Footer text / links

Hi there,

I’ve managed to add some CSS to the child theme to change some font sizes in the customizer. My test site is

How do I:

A: Change the twitter icon in the top bar (to the bird “twitter” icon)?

B: Change the font size of the Recent Posts widget title?

C: Edit the end footer bar? I want to add a link to my T&Cs + be able to add & remove text and links.

Thank you!

Awesome plugin BTW :slight_smile:


Hey Jeda,

Welcome to the BB forums! And thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

  1. There is no such setting for this on BB, but it should be possible via custom CSS. Try the snippet below. ``` .fl-page-bar .fl-icon-twitter-regular:before { content: '\e086'; } ```
  2. The widget title is an H4, you can change its font size under Appearance > Customize > General > Headings > H4 Font Size. :)
  3. The footer bar can be adjusted under Appearance > Customize > Footer > Footer Layout. It's by default set to 1 Column. Feel free to play around with it!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: