Unable to click icons or edit text in modules on page

New user here cleaning up a site I inherited. I am learning, but can’t seem to be able to edit the content on the page. When I open the editor, none of the modules can be accessed on the page for editing. Only if I add a blank column or other item to the page, do all the other elements show the surrounding box, showing they are active. At that point, clicking in the box does nothing as well as the icons being inactive, although they do show their hover text for what they are.

I am set as the admin and checked the security settings for the plugin to have them all set to allow access. I searched the form and didn’t see an answer, but I may be using the wrong keywords since I am new.

EDIT = Turns out it is 5 years out of date. V2.1.6 so I am working on getting the update key to see if that is the issue.

EDIT 2 - I can add a text module to the page and edit it, but cannot edit existing ones. I also cannot delete the new module, but can drag it around.

Probably a JS error or something, impossible to tell without seeing it in action. Contact support to see if the site ever used a key or at least might be able to tell you what agency created it so you can go to them for their key