Unable to get full width row with fixed width content

I am using the Vantage premium theme set to Full-width but I am unable to get the rows to stretch the full width of the page. Here is a link to our site:

Our desire is to have full width rows width fixed width content. We contacted Vantage and they are telling us it is an issue with Beaver Builder.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Tony,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry but it seems you forgot the link to your site? :slight_smile:


Sorry about that: link

Hey Tony,

We have some info on how to get full width rows going in themes that don’t quite offer that out of the box. Check out this article on how to do that. If you have any trouble or would prefer we get in and add the CSS to allow full width rows, just send along temp admin access using the private reply option below!


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Hey Tony,

Use these CSS snippets. I tried it on your site and it works fine but I don’t know where you’d like to place Custom CSS so I’ll leave it to you.

body #page-wrapper #main .full-container {
  max-width: 100%;
body #main {
  padding: 0px;

Also, I noticed you’ve several CSS Hero codes breaking the site layout when this CSS will be implemented, e.g., on the homepage where the testimonial is, there is a width applied to the row wrapper causing it to become like that.

Hope this helps!