Understanding "2-layout.css"

Hi there,

I’m currently working with Beaver Builder + Genesis + Agency Pro Theme.

Because I wasn’t satisfied with the way the layout of my website looked below a width of 1024px, I wanted to “force” the 1-column look starting at a width of 1023px (and not the default 768px).
I managed to do that by modifying the “2-layout.css” file and adding a media query.

However I noticed afterwards that this .css file seems to be constantly modified when I keep using Beaver Builder. Is there a way to make my modification permanent? Or maybe would you suggest going in a different direction to achieve my 1-column layout, in between 768px & 1023px of width?

Thank you, and keep up the good work!



Did you try changing the 768px to 1023px in the Beaver Builder Global Settings?

Thanks, it works great! To be honest I didn’t know there was a “Global Settings” button.

Thanks again!

Glad I could help Yohann:)