Uneven columns -more than 2

I am trying to get a column layout as shown in the second row in the screenshot. No matter what I enter for a column width, they ‘automatically’ change to some other value when saved.

What I am looking for is 70% for the first column and 15% each for the second and third. If my math is correct, that should add up to 100% :slight_smile: Is there a way to get the columns to ‘hold’ the entered widths.


Hey Lyle,

I was able to create one with that layout by dragging the 3 columns down, changing the width of the rightmost column first to 15% then changing the width of the leftmost column to 70%(take note of the order). It was a bit tricky and I can’t explain to you how that can be but just wanted to give you an answer. I will check this further or/and maybe ask one of the guys to check this. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Ben, that works :slight_smile:

Now, for the 64K dollar question: what about more columns, say 1 large left, and 3 the same size to the right? I tried the right first - left second (and many other combos) but they would not hold the entered width values.

As you mention, this may be something to be looked into further, as from a UX point of view, if there is a spot to enter a width value, one would expect it to save, regardless of the number of columns (as long as the math added up :wink:

Hello Lyle,

I figured something out. The columns try to pair with the right column when you are adjusting the width(except for the rightmost one). Say for example, on a 4 column layout, you get 25 25 25 25. If you adjust the 3rd column from the left to 40, it will get its deficient % of column from the right column. So the layout will now become 25 25 40 10. It took 15 from from the column to its right to make it 40. Adjusting the 2nd column from the left to 55 will make the layout 25 55 10 10, taking 30 from the column to its right. And finally, adjusting the left most column to 70 will make the layout 70 10 10 10 as it took 45 from the column to its right. I just tried this on a 6 column layout and it’s how it works. 10 by the way is the minimum. :slight_smile:

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks again, Ben!

Although not the most intuitive method, as long as it works! :slight_smile:

I may just have to whip up a quick screencast on this.


I know, Lyle. I had to use a calculator to compute for the widths! The team is looking at fine tuning the Beaver’s user interface this year though so that might be looked at. Looking forward to the screencast! :slight_smile: