Unique ID links do not work - page not found error

I am using BB Lite, but this site used to work just fine and now the ID links don’t work.
Clicking on any menu item under Event Info would go to that section of the Event Info page. Now it goes to “page not found.”
Originally, the Event Info page was all one row, and the unique IDs were on each module. In searching for an answer to this problem, I found this page that says “the target tends to position best if you add the ID to the row containing the item you want to link to.” So I broke the info up into individual rows and added the IDs to each row. That had no effect.

well thats because the links in your menu are going to /eventinfo/ but the page is now /event-info/ you need to updated the links in the menu.

Oh… yeah. I forgot I’d made that change. Boy, that was frustrating, and I feel dumb now. Thanks, though!

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