Unwanted Margin-Bottom below responsive nav menu pushing content down the page

Not sure if this is a Dynamik issue or a Beaver issue!
I have an unwanted margin-bottom under the mobile nav menu pushing my content down which looks to be around 35px.
Obviously this is only when responsive nav menu is displayed (max screen 479px).
Adding css negative margin-bottom to .responsive-primary-menu-container to compensate causes the menu items to overlap the mobile nav toggle bar (when toggled).
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch! It does sound like a problem with the theme since the margin is on the navigation menu. Do you think you can share site details so I can confirm that?


Thanks Ben for your super quick response, you guys are truly awesome.
The site is under construction and hidden behind a maintenance page.
I can set up a temporary admin account for you and send to you via private reply.