Update to BB Theme 1.76 changes button size and border


I’ve just updated to 1.7.6. Buttons now have a default font size of 14px and a border.

This font size overwrites any values set in the font modules.

On reverting to 1.7.5 the problem is gone.


​A bug was introduced during the last theme update to 1.7.6.

​Our developers are aware and are working hard at resolving it, for a soon to come update that will resolve it.

​Thank you for your understanding and patience

Oof, this breaks a lot of design…

Also, the theme in my account named actually is 1.7.6, the one with the buggy borders.

As I probably updated a lot of sites through infinitewp, would it be an idea to do a rescue update, tot, being a copy of 1.7.5?

Regards, Jelmer

Hi all,

Are button colours, sizes etc. still being overwritten by the theme defaults for anyone else?

I upgraded straight from v1.7.5.1 to

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I noticed the same issue, any <button> tag is affected by the theme’s global settings, which is a problem, for instance, with sliders dots navigation that use this HTML tag: the dots now have a background color inherited from the theme.

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hi @avanti,

Where you on version when you saw these errors?

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Yes i am, BB Theme
I suspect this CSS selector to target (quite) all <button> tags:
.fl-page button:not(.customize-partial-edit-shortcut-button)

These BB Theme CSS selectors for <button> also affect 3rd party AND their inner elements (sliders navigation elements…):
.fl-page button:not(.customize-partial-edit-shortcut-button) *
.fl-page button:not(.customize-partial-edit-shortcut-button):hover *

What issues are you seeing specifically?

Hi Jamie,

After upgrading too on a staging site, custom styling applied to button modules (including text colour, text size and button background) are being overwritten by the button styling that is set in the Customiser under Customising > General > Buttons

As far as I can see so far, this affects Archive themer layouts but not pages created using the page builder.

I shall set up a staging site for you to see later today. Is there a way to mark posts as visible only to admins, or would it be best to email the support team directly?

Kindest Regards,

Examples of PowerPack module with <button> tags affected by BB Theme global buttons settings (background color) and Slick slider navigation dots:

Unfortunately this board doesn’t have a way to mark replies visible to admin only. If you can send in a support ticket, mention this thread so you don’t have to repeat everything and that should be good!

I already opened a ticket and you already answered it.
Sorry if the informations are crossed.

Thanks Jamie, I’ll send an email with the details through today.

Unfortunately I am unable to use the ticket system as our website is using an agency license provided by the company that set up our site, so I do not have a login.

Shall I email the support team with the URL anyway or pass them onto the company we work with to submit a ticket on our behalf?

If you’re using someone else’s license then you should be contacting them for support as per our terms and conditions.

However, we’re already aware that the BB Theme styling is impacting buttons used on Beaver Themer layouts. :slight_smile:


My apologies, I’ll get in touch with our Agency for plugin support in future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help and great work on the plugin all round :+1: