Updated Beaver Builder - website not displaying properly but DOES display properly when logged in

I’m hoping someone can help me troubleshoot an issue I’m having with the Beaver Builder plugin. After updating the plugin, I noticed the front end of my site looks all messed up. I figured it was a caching issue but I’ve trying clearing my browser caches, clearing the Beaver Builder cache, etc. and the problem persists.

However, I noticed that as soon as I login to WP admin and view the front end of my site, everything looks normal. So it just looks messed up to all logged out visitors, which is everyone. Not good.

I tried deactivating all my plugins but that didn’t fix the problem. But it still seemed like there was a caching going on even after deactivating my plugins. So maybe I didn’t do that correctly. I deactivated the plugins, then cleared the browser cache, then cleared the Beaver Builder cache, tried different browsers, etc. Problem persisted. I contacted my host but they said I don’t have a server level cache.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what to do. Prior to this issue, I was also experimenting with a few plugins to speed things up (Smush, Autoptimize) but I have already deleted them with no luck. I’m running Astra theme 3.6.6 and WordPress 5.7.2.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I really appreciate any help I can get. I’m a designer but don’t have a lot of development experience.

You can view my website here: https://www.concord-cc.com/

UPDATE: After I posted this, I decided to try deactivating the Beaver Builder plugin itself. And doing that seemed to have helped my issue (at least for some of the pages like the home page. Other pages, like our Team page and Contact page still have issues). But this means I think I’m correct in assuming this became a problem after updating the BB plugin (version

Is there a way to get my hands on older version/s of the BB plugin so I can try to restore it? I didn’t take a backup so I don’t have the old version handy…

Doing this would at least allow me to continue to use BB plugin AND have a workable site, at least until I figure out the issue.

You have a JS error on the home page:
Uncaught TypeError: testimonial_603421d15c9d7.reloadSlider is not a function

Looks like you added some code to reload the testemonial slider on pageload but the slider code is not loaded when your code runs, so you get a fatal js error.

As for the caching it looks like you have some serverside caching going on with nginx.

For older versions you just have to go to your account/downloads oage and all previous versions for all your products are available to download.