Updates are not publishing correctly or takes weeks to do so

Whenever we attempt even the smallest update, such as correcting a typo, these changes take weeks to actually publish. Additionally, changes are only visible when I’m logged in; others cannot see them. Another problem we’re facing is that Modal Popups are malfunctioning for certain users, particularly on mobile devices on the home page and the concerts page. Despite clearing all possible caches, the issues persist. Our website runs on WordPress and is hosted by GoDaddy. We ended our design services with GoDaddy because they have been no help at all, and the cost is just not fitting for the service we’ve been given.
Website: https://sammonsartcenter.org/

When you make changes, like change the colour of a heading for example, the CSS for the layout is regenerated. The issue here is you are forcing CSS and JS to have a lifetime of a whole year, which is why you are not seeing changes straight away.

If you go into wp-admin → Settings → Beaver Builder → Advanced you will find an option for serving assets inline We added this option for users that have no control over their server caching.