Updating Class for header logo and navigation (ex. col-md-12 col-lg-4)

Hi there,

For my site, I have entered developer mode in Google Chrome. I am focusing on the header logo and navigation area. I can see that within the div class=“fl-page-header-row row”, there are two classes, one for the logo, and one for the navigation. They have the following classes, div class=“col-md-12 col-lg-4 fl-page-header-logo-col” and div class=“col-md-12 col-lg-8 fl-page-nav-col”.

My question is, how do I update these classes? My end goal is to make the logo have col-lg-2 (instead of col-lg-4) and the navigation is be col-lg-10 (instead of col-lg-8).

Is this something I update using an FTP like FileZilla?

Please let me know.


Depending on what header setup you have selected, you copy the corrosponding nav file from the parent theme to the same folder in your child theme, then you can edit away and WP will use the one in the child theme.

Hi, thank you for your response, but I am wondering if you can be more specific. The header setup I am using is standard through the Appearance → Customize. The header layout is Nav Right.

And when you say, ‘nav file from the parent theme’, are you talking about accessing it through FTP? Everything in FTP is PHP and I can’t find anything HTML related where it defines the classes.

In the includes folder will be a nav-right.php … copy that to the same path and filename in your child theme, then you can edit it.

Perfect, I was able to do the necessary edits. Thank you so much!

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