Using a full width custom footer on all pages

I’ve created a custom 2-row footer section with global rows.

How can I have that same footer on category and article/post pages?

See: with footer and with no footer

I looked at this thread but I’m not too much of a PHP expert and English is not my mother tongue so could you help me to achieve this?

As I understood from the previously mentioned thread, shortcodes may not be the best way to go, but not sure about my interpretation.

Hey Hannu,

If you don’t want to use shortcodes, then the only other option you have is to use the render_query method, like what was discussed on that other thread you mentioned. Try using the same code which I’ve pasted below. Just make sure to change the page_id to the correct one.

// Add global footer to footer
function global_footer(){
  FLBuilder::render_query( array(
    'page_id' => 123
add_action('fl_before_footer', 'global_footer');

Let us know how it goes!


Sorry for being a novice in this field but where exactly do I insert that?

And if I try to use the shortcode, how and where do I insert that?

I tried the shortcode method but the results were not great:

How can I make the footer full width and so that the layout and justifications remain the same?

Managed to do it using the shortcode and some custom CSS.

Now the only thing left to solve is how to remove the faint line before the footer?

and how to remove the padding on small devices?

Step-by-step instructions or a video on creating a custom footer would be REALLY NICE :slight_smile:

Did it all on my own. Quite a learning curve but success at last! :slight_smile:

Hey Hannu,

Just to answer your questions above, the code I gave goes to your theme’s(preferably child theme) functions.php file. What it does is it calls the contents of the page with ID 123, and add it to the fl_before_footer action, which fires before the opening footer </div> tag.

Anway, glad to hear you figured it all out! :slight_smile:

Have fun with BB!