Using an optin content locker with BB

Here’s a fun one, probably equally applicable to any page builder but committed to BB so …

I need to use an opt in content locker, such as Bloom ( for example.

These all work pretty much the same way - wrap some content in a shortcode:

e.g [et_bloom_locked]This Content is Hidden[/et_bloom_locked]

and it is hidden and replaced with a form which the visitor uses to submit an email address (for example) which then reveals the content.

Hiding a button for example is relatively straightforward using raw HTML but is not very friendly for non technical editors.

Ideally you would be able to hide a builder button element but you can’t wrap that in the content locker shortcode. There doesn’t seem to be a particularly friendly (ie shortcode) way of adding a BB button using the text editor either.

Does anybody there have any experience of using an opt-in content locker with BB - or have any advice or ideas how this functionality might best be achieved?

Many thanks.

Hi Mark,

Unfortunately, you said it yourself. There isn’t any method I can think of where you would be able to wrap a Button module with those shortcodes. Your only option is to use HTML.

The only other option would be for you to create your own Button module and implement two option fields that wrap the button i.e one before the button and one after the button.

However, it is a good idea in my opinion. So if you have time, feel free to post this on our UserVoice.

I apologise, I wasn’t able to think of any user-friendly way of achieving this.


Thanks Danny - hmm creating a module might be useful. New to BB so will need to look into this.

The ideal approach might be for a plugin to use classes instead of shortcodes - then you could apply the locker to a row or column in pretty much any content builder - but none of them do :frowning:

Hey Mark,

I can’t find the thread but I do remember suggesting placing the shortcodes before and after the Button module via an HTML module. Check the screenshot below for reference. Can you give that a shot and see it works?


Hi Ben - unfortunately rendering fubar. Will spend a bit more time and post any success here.

Have added feature request (as Subscription module already halfway there).

Have found a locker that has an option to hide content by class as well as shortcodes. Confirm works with BB and should do with any page builder that lets you add a class to an element.

Free version in the repository, pro in Codecanyon.

Note that once you install the free version you have the option of a 7 day trial of the pro - no account creation, card details etc - a button click installs trial license and lets you upgrade plugin to pro. A laudable approach.

Whilst not yet ideal for me (I need to protect downloads and don’t want a form appearing on multiple links on the same page) it is a step in the right direction and may be helpful to others.

Hey Mark,

I think the problem with what I suggested was when you entered the opening shortcode, it was immediately parsed by the builder causing the issue. If you’re willing to give it a shot, we have a filter which stops the builder from parsing shortcodes while active. We could add that and try it again. Simpy add the code below to your functions.php file and see if it works.

function my_fl_builder_render_shortcodes( $render ) {
  if ( FLBuilderModel::is_builder_active() ) {
    $render = false;
  return $render;
add_filter( 'fl_builder_render_shortcodes', 'my_fl_builder_render_shortcodes' );


Cool - thanks Ben, will give it a shot - would certainly open up the options a bit.