Using BB for archives and single post layout

I realize this is a duplicate post but all the other posts on the topic seem to have different advice and, before starting a project like this, I’d like to know what the canonical way to accomplish it.

As the subject line says, I’d like to use BeaverBuilder to design the layout used to display single posts and post archives. I’m a PHP and WordPress developer so I’m extremely familiar with the post hierarchy as well as template parts. I just need some direction on how to do this properly.


Hi Yaron,

You will want to create you modules and save them. Then add them to a page and use the slug in our shortcodes. You can add these shortcodes to you single.php and archive.php files using do_shortcode();.


Can you add a bit more details, Danny?
Which shortcodes would I use?
If using BB to display a single template for a post or post type, I assume I would have to pass in the post ID to the module somehow, right? How would that work?
How would BB display elements such as post title, content and custom fields for a given post?
Any example code?

Hi Yaron,

You will want to use the shortcodes that we implemented in update version 1.7. You can information on these shortcodes in our Knowledge base.

An example of this code in use would look something like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[fl_builder_insert_layout slug="slug_goes_here"]'); ?>

I apologise, but I am not quite sure what you’re referring to when you say “How would BB display elements such as post title, content and custom fields for a given post?”. As this is handled by the single.php file. Unless, I am misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.

If you can provide more info, we can assist further.