Using Beaver Builder to edit posts and Beaver Themer for single post layout


I’ve recently decided to switch from Elementor to Beaver Builder for my website.

Building the site I noticed a very weird and frankly unexpected behaviour. I’ve read that I can’t simultaneously use Builder to edit the content of the post AND use single post layout in Themer. This is quite unpleasant and something I would assume would be one of the basic uses (worked in Elementor too). This way as someone who owns a blog I’m either forced to use a pretty terrible WP post editor or build every post layout from scratch.

I realize it is said on your website, what I’m wondering is why go for a solution like that? It doesn’t seem to be hard to accomplish and the end effect is very limiting and frankly quite disappointing.

One more thing that I would welcome help with is making Polylang work with Themer, I configured everything as usual but it works with posts, pages but can’t seem to work with Themer layouts like headers etc.

I appreciate any answers, thank you.


About Themer layouts (header, footer, part…) and Polylang, you simply create a layout per language and assign the proper language in Polylang metabox, there’s no relationship between the translated layouts like for posts, pages, BB saved items…

For instance, this screenshot shows Polylang’s metabox for a header in the secondary language (EN).
As you can see, the primary lang layout (FR) is not related.

Capture d’écran 2020-05-31 à 18.57.25

About editing posts with BB while they have a Themer layout applied AND keep the Themer layout presentation, you could try this:

  • Open the Themer Single layout in BB
  • Save it as a Template: BB Tools > Save template
  • Open the post to edit in BB (you’ll get a warning notifying a Themer layout is applied)
  • Apply the template previously saved
  • Edit the post content in BB

Thank you very much for the solution for Polylang, it works now!

As for the second thing, what you suggested doesn’t really work since:

  1. When I have Themer layout applied to ‘All posts’ and I edit a post in BB, it automatically overrides the Themer layout rule and shows whatever I’ve got from the BB in the post edit.
  2. If I make the Single Post layout, save it as template, turn off the rule for All posts and then go into the BB post editor and apply the templat, I can’t edit the post content anymore since it’s a ‘Post Content’ module.

Also I get no warning when I open the BB post editor while I have the Single Post active, as you said.

Well, i tried and it worked, but maybe i misunderstood what you’re after.

I have a CPT (not WP regular posts but it shouldn’t make a difference) with a Themer layout applied on the posts.
I’ve set BB to work on this CPT (it’s not by default).

For most of the posts, i inserted the content with the WP regular text editor in admin and let the Themer layout handle the presentation.

For a specific post, i want to build the layout differently so i open it with BB, which breaks the Themer layout, apply the template previously saved from the Themer layout, which helps to recover the Themer layout presentation, then i can insert the post content with BB AND customize this specific post by adding extra modules for instance.

You shouldn’t disable the Themer layout applied to the posts, only edit with BB the posts you want to customize, this will override the Themer presentation.

You don’t get a warning cause you disabled the Themer layout.

If I don’t disable it, I got no warning either. Then when I go into BB post edit, I apply the template and can’t edit the post content since it’s a module from the Themer.

Maybe i missed something, can you post screenshots of your setup?

The template to apply should be a regular BB template.
Once applied to the post, you should be able to edit each of its module.

Yes I can edit but the ‘Post Content’ is a module that gets created automatically once you create a Single Post layout, you can’t edit the actual post content from it, same as you cant edit any post content when editing the Single Post layout.

First screen is the setup for Single Post layout - All posts.
Second screen shows the ‘Post Content’ module inside the Single Post template applied in the BB post edit, I can’t edit the inside of it (actual text).

Ah, maybe because the module is not a BB Text module?
Try to replace it in the layout and type your text.

About editing posts with BB - if I understand you correctly you can apply a template and still use Elementor for the content itself? Interesting need to check that… I can see the issues with that if e.g the template displays the_content() just in a small column - all sort of issues can arise…

Two ways I would try/think to go about that with Beaver

  • just use Gutenberg to create post content when needed…
  • or use Beaver Themer Template Parts as additional stuff before and after the_content() that way either the_content() is renderd by the Template or by BB but the surroundings stay the same - does that make sense?

I would love if BB allowed the editing of different themer templates on the same page…

Yes, in Elementor when you apply a Single Post layout to All posts and then go and edit a certain post in Elementor, it automatically shows the post inside the template so you see what limitations you have, there are no issues whatsoever.

Well, it kind of sucks to be forced to use Gutenberg when BB has all the cool stuff, especially since I’ve got the Ultimate Beaver too with lots of modules that I want to use inside the post.

I’ll try the solution avanti proposed once I’m back home, I don’t think you can replace the Post Content module inside the Singular Themer layout, it appears automatically to show where the post content would be but maybe it works.

I’m not sure you really tried my suggestion given you didn’t get any alert when overriding the TH layout.

I tried it, it works to completely edit specific posts with BB and keep the TH layout presentation.

Obviously, the TH layout is overriden but finally the post is visually close to it AND you can freely add your customizations with BB, UABB or whatever.

Maybe re-read my step by step? :wink:

I created a Themer layout - Singular, applied to All Posts, made a fast template with some columns blabla

Then I went into Posts, took a certain post, clicked ‘open in BB’ or whatever it says in English :stuck_out_tongue: and it just opens without any warning

You should get a warning when editing a post with BB if this post has a TH layout assigned, as mentioned in this KB article:

On your setup screenshots above, i’ve notice the TH Layout is assigned to a CPT, not to WP regular posts, maybe there’s a confusion?

What do you mean? It is set to All Posts if that’s what you mean, it just randomly translated the location to Polish for some reason

Ah, maybe Wpis means (WP regular) Posts?
I thought it was a CPT…

Yeah, it’s basically Posts -> All Posts translated to Polish

Still not getting any warnings which is kind of weird considering the Themer layout applies to the post when I watch it on live

I don’t know, ask BB official support (open a ticket) :wink:

you can remove that at any point, like any other module in a template it’s just a starting point.

To clarify my suggestion was not to remove it - my suggestion was to just have “the content” in the Themer template and move stuff like Post title or Author or whatever you need into Themer Parts displayed before and after it… this way if you activate BB on a Single Post (Post Type) with a themer layout you still see all the parts and just the “main the content” section is replaced…

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