Using Plug on older ranked high ranked site?

Howzit Beaver guru’s,

I see all this info is about build a new site with BB plug-in but what if you have a well ranked older site and other plug-in installed . Say you have a ranked post and want to make it look better ,update it , then how do you do this with the existing content ,h1 h2 h3 and imgs and so on ?

Also I have loaded the plug to one of my sites and mostly it works but some things don’t like any of the colours , in call to action or button , will not change ?

I am using Catalyst frame with dynamic on all sites , and have read there is some kind of code conflict on the layout . I really want to use this plug on my older sites , but how ?

Thanks Michael…

Hi Michael! Thanks for reaching out with your questions!

For your older/ranking site, you should be able to recreate the content of your existing pages with Beaver Builder. Specifically for headings, you can set the level (h1, h2, etc). You can also set alt tags for images. Your pages ranks shouldn’t be affected by switching over to Beaver Builder.

Regarding the color issue, could you possible send us a link to some of the pages where you’re having trouble? Also, if possible, it would be helpful to get a temporary admin login to the site so we can get in and experiment.