Video Background and iPad

I set up a site that works great on a desktop computer. However, the video background does not show up on an iPad (nor does the fallback photo). However, if I go to the direct link of the video, it plays fine on my iPad. What could be the problem?

Here is my web site:

here is the direct link to the video:

On a side note, the video doesn’t play on an iPhone either, but the fallback photo does show up. I believe that the video likely won’t play on smartphones, but I just want to verify that fact.


Hello Marcel,

Sorry to hear about this issue. This is actually a bit similar to this problem that we have yet to figure out. As stated on that thread, the iPad that will be used to test won’t be in until Monday so this will be tested as well on that same day. Would it be possible for you to grant us temporary admin access to the site though in case we need to dig deeper?

Edit: Video backgrounds aren’t supported in mobile devices but should show the fallback photo. :slight_smile: