Video background - kind of hopeless

Hi all,
I’m a bit new to BB, but the video background feature has some huge potential because it also works on mobile. But I’m having to avoid it as it’s got a huge problem as far as I’m concerned…

How crazy is it that there’s no fall-back for slow loading connections?

On mobiles or slow broadband, we just see a white background. Why not use the fall-back image set for non-loading of video?
It’s INSANE!!!

So I’m now looking at tweaking the code myself, a single line of CSS provides a image background BEFORE the video loads. Otherwise it looks terrible, I had one client not even realise there was a video and had already scrolled down the page!

But why didn’t the developers re-use the fall-back image by default, seems odd.
So this is a bit of a whine, feature request whilst at the same time I’m loving BB overall!

For anyone else in this situation, here’s some jQuery I’m using to fix the problem:
if (jQuery(’.fl-bg-video’).length){
attr = jQuery(’.fl-bg-video’).attr(‘data-fallback’);
if (typeof attr !== typeof undefined && attr !== false) {
jQuery(’.fl-bg-video’).css(‘background’, ‘url(’+attr+’) center center’);
jQuery(’.fl-bg-video’).css(‘background-size’, ‘cover’);

All the best.

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sounds like a good idea :wink:

If anyone is interested I’ve also got a few lines of jQuery which fetches the Vimeo thumbnail as a background image before the video plays. It’s dead easy and I wonder why it’s not included as standard on this module?

All the best.

patches are always welcome.

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Hi Exo,

Contact our helpdesk and I can assign your request to product manager for review. :slight_smile:

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