Video Background not Loading

The Video I uploaded for the Row stopped appearing during latest update. Appears to work on Safari via Mobile device, but won’t load on Chrome/IE Browsers.

Unfortunately, this is a bug, if you can’t wait for our hotfix you can replace the “bb-plugin/js/fl-builder-layout.js” files contents with the code in the link below and this should resolve the issue. :slight_smile:

I swapped it out and nothing changed. I reviewed the site in incognito mode and cleared cache as well.

Nevermind. Once I activated the front end editor, it appeared!

Tnx, had the same issue.

It appears that even though it works on my Desktop, it now fails to load on mobile devices. Can someone please assist?

if you show us the site then yes we might be able to

Well, it doesn’t show up for 2 sites that use Video Backgrounds with Beaver Builder, so I figured this was another bug. But here you go. This is one of them.

You need to set the following to Yes in the row settings.