Video not loading on all platforms/browsers

Hello - For whatever reason, a video I’ve added to my client’s site isn’t loading on all platforms or browsers. The biggest issue is on mobile. On my computer, it works on Chrome and Safari (on a Mac). So it’s hard for me to determine what the issue is if I can’t see any errors in the code. The client says it isn’t loading for them on their mobile devices. I’ve asked them to refresh their cache as well as delete cookies to see if it’s something as similar as that.

The video I’ve added is a looping :60 video with a 5MB file size. I couldn’t compress any smaller.

I had my husband check on his PC using Chrome. It didn’t work at first because he had AdBlocker+ installed on his computer. When he removed it, the video loaded. When I had him do a Google Inspect for code, he did have a peculiar error code. I’d attach but I don’t see where to do so.

The website:

This is being resolved via support ticket.