Video Padding in row

i’ve added a video to a row, but cant get it to align to the top. There is a lot of padding I just can’t shake.
Any suggestions?
Regards Joe


Can you provide a link to the page in question so we can take a closer look.

Hi Danny thanks

Where is it supposed to align? For me it is just a bit below (40px) the nav menu. Is it supposed to be different than that?

I was hoping for say 5 below.
Thanks I

Your using the them Minimalist Blogger which I’m not familiar with so I don’t know what amount of control they offer in customizer or theme settings. But it looks like the issue is in your header masthead settings bottom margin. You can try adding this CSS to your site and see if it gives you what you want:

header#masthead {
    . margin-bottom: 5px;

Thanks buddy!!!
Worked a treat.
Any guides you can recommend to troubleshooting theses issues?
Thanks again, Joe

You can use your browsers dev tools. Below is a link to a decent tutorial/walkthrough which should help you. :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! I’m on it