Visual editor stopped working


Sorry if this is solved/discussed elsewhere just after the WP 4.5 update - in case, please just point me in the right direction. Searched without luck.

The visual editor has stopped working, probably because I upgraded to WP 4.5.
In any type of module I’ve tried, the text editor works as normal, while the visual editor is blank.
Also switching to or from Visual to Text editor is sometimes impossible.
Same fenomenon on different sites.
Tried to disable all other plugins (except BB), no difference.
(Since everything worked I have updated several plugins and also our Brigde theme)
A fix coming soon or something I can do?
Login credetnials in private post :o)

Brigde theme 913 (latest)
BB 1.7.7
WP 4.5…


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Hey Kjetil!

We just released BB v1.7.7 which includes some fixes for issues we found in WP 4.5. Try updating BB and see if that takes care of it and let us know how it goes. Thanks!



Hey Kjetil!

I totally missed that part where you mentioned you’re already using BB 1.7.7. Sorry about that! Re. the issue, how about your Theme? Have you tried switching it out to one of WP’s default themes and test BB to rule out your theme?



Quite right - I guess I just hoped that the theme wasn’t the problem :o)
So - what to do? Any idea what setting or adjustment has to be made to make things work again?
The Bridge theme is delivered with the Visual Composer, but (as I’ve told quite a lot of people by now :slight_smile: I ditched the VC in favour of the Beaver (among other things) because its much faster.
The theme itself is fast, well configurable and I know it well (and have several licences by now), so it would be great if you have an idea on how to solve this - as you’ve had also on a previous occation :slight_smile:


PS Sorry to say that even updating to BB 1.7.8 didn’t make eny difference :-/

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