Webnus Modern Events Calendar

Has anyone successfully integrated Webnus’ Modern Events Calendar into site built with Beaver Builder?

Have you tried it ? We are currently looking for an alternative to The Event Calendar that has problems with WPML that won’t go away…

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been playing with about ten different calendar plugins. None seem to do exactly what I want. The one that did, was insanely complicated to set up and operationalize. That was Eventin. I had to fight to get a refund. I’m going to get back into my research in the next couple of days. If I come to a conclusion, I’ll let you know. Have you found your solution? What features are essential to you?

I’ve been periodically asking there support team when will Modern Event Calendar get full Beaver Builder support. It seems that finally you can use the two togther but there is no way to disable to sidebar and feature image so that Beaver Builder can control the whole page. You still have to work within just the content area. It is a pain.

Sidebars and such are normally controlled by your theme, nothing to do with BB or an events calandar plugin. Whats the url of such a page?

Trust me, I’ve done everything i can to bypass it. I think they do it on intentionally because they sell addons for Divi and Elementor to be able to use those page builders - https://webnus.net/modern-events-calendar/addons/?ref=16

Like i say I can finally use BeaverBuilder by only within the content portion of the page. Sidebar and feature image stay according to the plugins settings for a single page template.