Website rebuilt with BB

I bought a theme a few months ago that looked great and had lots of features. But when I ran into trouble and hired a developer to look into it, I found out that the code base of the theme was… a mess. The developer put it this way:

"This theme is pretty on the outside... but it's full of bloat and evil on the inside."

So I’ve spent the last few days rebuilding my site with BB. I’m amazed how closely I was able to recreate the look and feel of my original theme, without all the “bloat and evil”.

Check it out here.

Thanks Beaver Builder!

Hey David,

Oh man, you’re singing to the choir on “bloat and evil”! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and great work, love the header/transparent menu and use of BB throughout. Very clean and user friendly!


Thanks, Billy! I’m really happy with the result. Keep up the good work, you guys! You have an excellent product :slight_smile:

David, this site looks awesome. Great work! We’re doing our absolute best to keep Beaver Builder from becoming bloated and evil, haha.

How did you made this awesome look with the transparent Header David?

Thanks in advance

I’d be interested to hear how this transparent header/menu can be created with BB


Hey Gerry, it looks like Ben is helping in your other thread on this subject. I’ll leave a link here in case anyone else is curious about this…

Thanks Robby, I’ll get back to Ben on this.

Cheers, Gerry

Hi David,

I’ve had some great support from Ben about replicating the home page effect you’ve acheived on, I’m now looking to take things a little further and create CSS to include a different logo for home page and inside pages and different nav font cols for home and inside. would you be able to share with me the specific CSS you used to achieve this?



Hey Gerry,

I can probably help with this. It looks like David is hiding the default logo on certain pages and adding a logo as a background image to the container. Here’s some CSS you can experiment with… You’ll need to adjust the page-id depending on which pages you’re trying to target:

.page-id-12223 .fl-page-header-logo {
  background-image: url("/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/logo-candidate-white.png")!important;
.page-id-12223 .fl-logo-img {
  opacity: 0;

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Robby,

That’s much appreciated, thanks for helping with this.

I’ll do some work with the new CSS.



Sorry, I wasn’t checking in with this thread so I missed the conversation but Robby’s exactly right! Works really well :slight_smile: