Weight of Google font (Lato)

I purchased very recently your amazing plugin and bb theme. Great!

I want to use the Lato Google font with a thickness of 300 (400 is really too bold!).

In the customizer section (body text) we can only choose the font family, not the weight.
Please what’s your best solution(s) to fix that?
Thanks, Jean-Luc

Hey Jean-Luc,

Thanks for getting in touch and for the kind words, great to hear! :slight_smile:

While it isn’t possible to configure the weight in the theme customizer, you can do so in a child theme, specifically enqueuing Google fonts/weights. Here is an forum post where Robby goes into a bit of detail on doing that, but he also has a blog post coming out soon with a bit more info that may help. Stay tuned on that, but if the above doesn’t help, there are good articles on the web showing you how to do that using a child theme. Hope that helps and thanks again!


Hi Billy,

Thanks for the return.
I am fixing my problem with CSS Hero, great plugin also, even I meet a incompatibility problem with Beaver Builder Theme (on CSS Hero site, they said their plugin is ready for BB plugin, but still need to activate Rocket Mode).

Regards, Jean-Luc

Hey Jean-Luc,

Yes, we are familiar with CSS hero and have it installed on a test site. Both our theme and plugin should now be Hero Ready as of last week. You may want to shoot them an email if you are having trouble as it should work and recognize both of our products!


Hi Billy,

Issue is fixed now, problem was coming from the child theme renaming the original theme name. See explanation below.

Beaver Builder + CSS Hero : I love!

CSS Hero wrote:

Hi Jean-Luc,

the issue is somehow related to your child theme which renames the original theme name to bb-theme.

The current BB-theme config has been extended to work on this theme slug, in case this happens again please read this:

Thanks for both companies to manage my problem.
Cheers, Jean-Luc

Awesome, thanks for the heads-up Jean-Luc!