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We’ve had a blast creating this theme store and our layouts using our Beaver Builder theme and plugin! We hope you do as well and are really excited to see what some of you have been coming up with using our products. Share your site in this forum for us to adore as well as other forum members!


Built this the other day for a client. Super nice to sit down and design the site while she was describing what she wanted. After a few meetings we got it right. I passed it off to her and I love the ability to give her editor role, and she can do the post/page/media, and access beaver builder from the top bar. What a great tool. Build with Headway and BB. Headway can act like a super powered CSS tool, like microthemer or css hero. http://www.oregonriverlodgeforsale.com


http://www.oregonriverlodgeforsale.com is not working.

  1. http://rollingvet.com/
    Above is my first site using BB and WP, as well.
    Any feedback would be appreciated. The customer loves it.

  1. http://assuranceabstract.com/
    Above is #2. While live, more content is coming.
    I have so far elected to use the boxed option vs. full screen.
    Because it converts so well to mobile, I feel the boxed design works well, in cases were the clients do not have much content to supply.


I plan to grow this business asap, using BB Agency. I have yet to upgrade, but this will happen once customer pays.
Lastly, will more templates be coming? While I will also be creating custom templates with a colleague, more from BB would be awesome.
Thanks Guys!


Enjoy the Rolling Vet website a lot, great design. Think the front page of the assuranceabstract site looks very ‘Stock foto’ and like an add. I would add some more text.


Thanks Bart,
You should see what they had before.
Nevertheless, we are not quite done just yet.
We will be adding more content and images as the client decides.
Custom calculators for the industry, as well.
I appreciate the feedback,


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just getting started with BB. Since BB makes building the sites very easy I am wondering what some charge their clients? I know we don’t tell them its that easy but just curious what some people are charging the clients.


Hi D,
I charge about 1500.00 for a 15 page site, but some have gone for less and some more.
If the client can provide all the copy and pics, it makes it very easy.
CridenLove.com was done in 1 day as they sent everything and it’s a small site.
Feel free to call at 215.397.5706


Thanks. Do you guys charge monthly fees for mgmt of site as well?


Last week my sister called me. Due to the changing regulations in NL for day care for kids with special needs, she needs a website. Fast. No time for planning or discussing: all het new customers will only be given her URL. No website means no customers / kids.

I never developed a site that quick. Installing WP, all the needed plugins, BB theme, BB plugin, digitising her logo, optimising the images and throwing the site online in just 4 hours. This would not be possible without BB - by any means.

The site is fast, lightweight and safe.



What theme?
Lastly, want to save about an hour in WP setup? Try http://wpfreshstart.com


I charge a yearly fee for hosting and maintenance.
250-350 includes hosting, email and up to 4 hrs of edits, which no one really knows how long stuff takes and have yet to go over the allotted time. Time is use it or lose it per year.
Hope this helps.

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