What are the best settings for WP Rocket

I’m using BB theme/child and BB plugin and WP Rocket for caching.
What would be the suggested setup for WP Rocket so everything works ok (i.e. doesn’t break BB).

In WP Rocket admin there are the following options - which should I activate:

  • Enable Lazy Load

File Optimization (Minification & Concatenation)

  • HTML
  • Google Fonts
  • CSS
  • JS

In the Advanced Tab there is also the options to specify JS & CSS files from minification as well as the option to add JS files for deferred loading (with option to wait until file is loaded).


Hi Dennis,
basically you can setup as you like but you should be careful with JS minification. It could happen that BB is not working anymore. So if you can, do not minify JS and try the different settings with WP Rocket.

Our development workflow: Development server (can be local like MAMP), staging server (subdomain to your live server) and the live server. So you can develop locally, test all settings on your staging server and transfer the site to the live server if it’s working.


Thanks Leo.

Hi Dennis,

I often use WP Rocket also. Did you find a good configuration that worked for you? If so would you mind sharing your experience, and recommendations?



Hi Lee,
I only tick - enable Lazy load images / HTML & Google Fonts.

I do not tick CSS & JS as it created some problems with site layout.

I enable cache for mobile users and have the last 2 selections unchecked.

Awesome thanks Dennis.

BB is freaking awesome!