What happen with the contest

Hi Whats up with the contest i see my sites are still up i have 4 home pages i made.

Also can i get a page template saved out for each one as i did a lot on them and want to keep the designs as templates ?.

Hey Edward,

Here is an update regarding the contest. The team already selected the top 10 and is now waiting for the community to vote for the top 3!

I’ve already assigned another member of the team regarding your 2nd question.


Hey Edward,

Thanks for submitting to the contest. Currently, contest sites are locked down until we finish voting, but we plan on opening them back up after for a week so you can login and export your page templates if you like. Stay tuned!


ware they posted in the community to see?
so after you will add back in the export function as that was removed from them.

No, only the top 10 were posted in the blog post Ben mentioned above. There were a lot so it was kind of impossible to show them all unfortunately. Yes, after the contest is all done, we’ll post a blog introducing the winner and to let any participants know that they can go into their contest sites and export their page templates if they like.


How can i export my designs i made as templates now.

Was a bit surprised to see the winning site that had almost nothing in it VS the others.
Was their a second and third place winner.
Maybe if you would put a Blog page link on the site people could find it more easy took me 15 min just to find it to see who won.